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The SICdb dataset consists from 7 files. Additional data is found on our github repository, refer to Get Started for usage details.

Data Files

All data files are gzip compressed RFC4180 comma seperated files.

Name Short description
cases.csv.gz Contains basic data about admissions to icu. See Case Data for table details and Case Description.
d_references.csv.gz Contains the dictionary for all encoded fields in the SICdb dataset.
data_float_h.csv.gz Contains hourly aggregated float data like monitor signals or respirator settings. Additionally raw minute data is included.See data_float_h and Signal Data for further information.
data_ref.csv.gz Contains encoded (nominal) data related to an admission.
laboratory.csv.gz Contains laboratory results.
medication.csv.gz Contains data about medication given during ICU stay.
data_range.csv.gz Contains ranged data (from/to)
unitlog.csv.gz Information about the patient's stay

Configuration Files

This data is found on our github repository.


This file is needed to install our database software. See Software Description for further information, and Get Started for installation instructions.


Our database software needs this metadata for building up the database. It contains field data types and SQL table structure, that cannot be saved in .csv files.

RooData Folder and contents

This data is used by our software and contains field and table configurations.