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Contains hourly float data associated with a case. If more (minute) data is available, data was aggregated and the corresponding values are stored in rawdata field. Refer to Deserialize Raw Data for more information. Metavision does, in database, not differentiate between qualitative (i.e. blood pressure) and quantitative (i.e. drainage volume) data, this was done programatically saving the sum instead of average. The field cnt indicates the amount of values aggregated.

Name Type Description Comment
CaseID Integer Case identifier
DataID Reference
Offset Integer Time in seconds after admission
Val Float Value The unit (if applicable) is found in d_references where data_float_h.DataID is associated to d_references.ReferenceGlobalID
cnt Integer Amount of values aggregated
rawdata Blob List of 60 floats containing raw data Due to excessive storage needs minute values have been aggregated.