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Working with medium sized datasets like SICdb, containing billions of entries, may present a challenge to work with. Therefore we provide a software package to simplify building up a database, browsing through data and exporting specific parts of the database in one of the supported file formats.

To install our software refer to the Get Started page.

Software Components

MySQL Server Community Edition

MySQL is an open-source relational database managment system.[1]


PhpMyAdmin is one of the most popular open source MySQL administration tools.[2]


RooDataServer is the software we created to import, view and export data from a relational dataset like SICdb.

Core Features

  • Import the dataset
  • Create and edit queries using predefined fields
  • Perform quick statistics to validate query before export
  • Export to various file formats (.csv, .xlsx, .r (R Studio), .sqlite3, more following)

Import, Export, Statistics, Charts and more are expendable. Soon it will be possible to directly run python scripts!

Installation and running

The environment can be installed fully preconfigured to use in any modern browser. Refer to Get Started for further information.