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The d_references table contains information on all encoded data fields of the SICdb dataset. Each field, that has "Reference" as field type, is associated with the ReferenceGlobalID in the d_references table. Additionally ReferenceUnit describes the unit of measurement used for this field. Refer to chapter SQL Examples to learn how to easily use this table in relational databases.

Name Type Description Comment
ReferenceGlobalID Integer The unique ID for the reference Use this identifier as dictionary for alle encoded fields
ReferenceValue Text Reference value i.e. "Creatinine"
ReferenceName Text The name of the reference i.e. "Laboratory"
ReferenceUnit Text The unit of this item if applicable i.e. "mg/dl"

Usage Information

d_references is the dictionary for all encoded data.


Use a join query to get the reference value.


 SELECT Sex,sRef.ReferenceValue as SexCaption FROM `cases` LEFT JOIN d_references as sRef ON SexRef.ReferenceGlobalID = cases.Sex;

For more examples read the SQL Examples section



All fields using references provide simple filters to select references. On export RooDataServer will per default export the text value of an encoding.


To reduce the amount of tables there is no table describing references as there is no significant gain of information expected. This may change in later versions of dataset. To enumerate a reference use table d_references.ReferenceName, which is an immutable, case sensitive key to a reference.