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"The "cases" table is the base table of the SICdb dataset and the "CaseID" field serves as the identifier that relates all data. Each admission to the intensive care unit generates a unique "CaseID." To identify readmissions, a "PatientID" is provided. The "OffsetAfterFirstAdmission" field stores the time between the first admission and the current one.

"TimeOfStay" is the time in seconds from the admission recorded by the MetaVision system to the discharge. This time may include any preceding surgery and ends when the case is closed.

There are three fields indicating survival: "DischargeState" indicates the patient's state upon discharge from the ICU and is taken from the MetaVision discharge form. "HospitalDischargeType" provides information on how the case was closed in the clinical information system. "OffsetOfDeath" is the time in seconds from admission to death and includes additional hospital stays and out of hospital mortality. As it refers to a 1-year mortality it is set to null if death occurred more than one year after admission.

Name Type Description Comment
CaseID Integer A randomly assigned identifier CaseID is unique to each admission.
PatientID Integer A randomly assigned identifier PatientID is unique to each Patient, useful to identify readmission
AdmissionYear Integer Year of admission
TimeOfStay Integer Time of stay (seconds) Time from primary metavision admission, to last discharge. In cases, where the patient is admitted to ward after surgery, this will include surgery time.
ICUOffset Integer Time of actual ICU admission SICdb includes preceding surgery if applicable, this field indicates the first transfer to an intensive or intermediate care ward
saps3 Float Simplified Acute Physiology Score III
HospitalDischargeType Reference Type of hospital discharge. This field indicates survival.
HospitalDischargeDay Integer The day of hospital discharge after admission Note that this data is only available in days
HospitalStayDays Integer Days stayed in hospital for this case, including pre icu.
DischargeState Reference Type of icu discharge This field indicates survival on icu
DischargeUnit Reference Unit the patient was discharged to, as selected in Metavision discharge form
OffsetOfDeath Integer 1-year mortality in seconds from primary admission to death 1 year mortality, including out-of-hospital as far as known. See The "OffsetOfDeath" field denotes the elapsed time, in seconds, from admission to death, taking into account any subsequent hospital stays and out-of-hospital mortality data. The data was gathered from various sources, including government data. It is set to null if the death occurs more than one year after admission, since it is defined to 1-year mortality. For technical reasons observation time is only 6 month for some patients, field "EstimatedSurvivalObservationTime" holds information about that. However, it is worth noting that in some cases, if a patient dies in foreign countries, the information may be scarce. Postal address validity checks were performed, but no statistically significant differences were found, indicating that this may not be an issue of concern. for further information.
EstimatedSurvivalObservationTime Reference Estimation of oversation time, either 1-year or 6-month
Sex Reference
WeightOnAdmission Float Rounded to +-5kg
HeightOnAdmission Float Rounded to +-5cm
AgeOnAdmission Integer Rounded to +-5y, over 90 set to 90
HospitalUnit Reference Last unit using this case
ReferringUnit Reference Referring unit as selected in admission form Note: Unfortunatly in some cases "Notaufnahme" is selected here, so the referring unit is not specified in these cases.
ICD10Main Text ICD10 main code
ICD10MainText Text ICD10 main text
DiagnosisT1 Text Diagnosis field 1*
DiagnosisT2 Text Diagnosis field 2*
DiagnosisT3 Text Diagnosis field 3*
SurgicalSite Reference
InterventionsText Text List of interventions
HoursOfCRRT Integer Hours of continuous renal replacement threapy this admission **
AdmissionFormHasSepsis Reference A mandatory field in the admission form **
HeartSurgeryAdditionalData For heart surgery patients there is additional data collected ** Yes if applicable
HeartSurgeryCPBTime Integer Bypass time **
HeartSurgeryBeginOffset Integer Offset in seconds from ICU admission to cut **
HeartSurgeryEndOffset Integer Offset in seconds from ICU admission to end of surgery**
OffsetAfterFirstAdmission Integer If a patient has more than one admission, this is the offset in seconds from the first
* These fields are not available on PhysioNet at the moment. Contact us for further information.
** These fields will be moved to data tables in version 1.1.0

Linked Data

Additional data to the case can be found in data_ref, which may have one entry per case and item type.

Several fields have been preprocessed and added to the database. This includes peprocessed-for-convenience and preprocessed-for-anonymization elements. The data is found in data_ref.csv.gz, the text values are referenced in d_references, where d_references.ReferenceGlobalID relates to data_ref. FieldID and data_ref.RefID.

Name Type Description
PremedicationBetablocker Referenced Yes/No
PremedicationACEInhibitor Referenced Yes/No
PremedicationStatin Referenced Yes/No
PremedicationDiuretic Referenced Yes/No
PreconditionDiabetes Referenced Any type of diabetes (IDDM or NIDDM)
PreconditionLungDisease Referenced Any kind of lung severe disease (COPD, restrictive lung diseases, ...). Asthma is included when medication is taken daily
PreconditionArtHypertension Referenced Any kind of treated or diagnosed arterial hypertension
PreconditionRenalDysfunction Referenced If stated in admission protocol (omitted due to anonymity issues)

Known Limitations

Time of stay

In most cases at a readmission in same hospital stay a new case is created. In rare cases the preceding case is reopened causing that TimeOfStay includes the time patient was on normal ward. If this issue is important you may use the tranfer log or the lacking monitor signals to remove/repair these cases. This issue is on ToDo list for future releases