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Data Description

data_ref.csv.gz contains referenced (nominal) data and is unique per icu admission.

Name Type Description Comment
id Integer Primary Key
CaseID Integer Case identifier
FieldID Reference Refers to the name of the field i.e. PreconditionDiabetes
RefID Reference

Predefined Fields

Several fields have been preprocessed and added to the database. This includes peprocessed-for-convenience and preprocessed-for-anonymization elements. The data is found in data_ref.csv.gz, the text values are referenced in d_references, where d_references.ReferenceGlobalID relates to data_ref. FieldID and data_ref.RefID.

Name Type Description
PremedicationBetablocker Referenced Yes/No
PremedicationACEInhibitor Referenced Yes/No
PremedicationStatin Referenced Yes/No
PremedicationDiuretic Referenced Yes/No
PreconditionDiabetes Referenced Any type of diabetes (IDDM or NIDDM)
PreconditionLungDisease Referenced Any kind of lung severe disease (COPD, restrictive lung diseases, ...). Asthma is included when medication is taken daily
PreconditionArtHypertension Referenced Any kind of treated or diagnosed arterial hypertension
PreconditionRenalDysfunction Referenced If stated in admission protocol (omitted due to anonymity issues)