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Data Description

Contains all medication given during stay. Additional data like name and unit of measurement is found in d_references, where medication.DrugID is associated to d_references.ReferenceGlobalID. Metavision does not differ between continuous or single doses in rangesignals, so a single dose is set to 60 second admission time. Each change of a continuous application will end the current entry and create a new one.

Name Type Description Comment
id Integer Primary Key
CaseID Integer Case identifier
DrugID Reference
Offset Integer Time in seconds after admission
OffsetDrugEnd Integer If drug was given continuously refers to end of application. Field is set to 60 seconds on bolus application.
IsSingleDose Integer Set to 1 when given as bolus.
Amount Float Full amount given regardless of time Unity of measurement found in d_references
AmountPerMinute Float Dosage per minute Unity of measurement found in d_references

Predefined Fields (RoDataServer)

Known Limitations

The medication data is generally considered as being widely valid. Nevertheless there are some limitations to be stated:

Offsets and Times

The offset is the documented time of drug application. As the observed intensive care unity do not use perfusor telemetry all values are entered manually. Following inaccuracies of of time give may be generally expected:

  • +/- 5 minutes in anaesthesia settings
  • +/- 5 minutes in resuscitation settings
  • +/- 15 minutes in intensive care settings

The difference is explained in different default view range in medication input forms.

Different Reference for similar drugs

Due to liberal laws concerning drug names in Austria not all drugs are correctly labeled by their INN name and sometimes multiple proprietary products for the same substance are used. The SICDB Team used an algorithm to identify and unify the medication data. There may be special cases where this procedure failed, for example at compound antihypertensive drugs.